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As explored in previous training packages, safeguarding under Prevent can be a sensitive issue.

However, the majority of radicalisation concerns are shared with good intentions: the aim being to find the right support for an individual at risk before any terror related crime is committed – whether that means checking a concern with a trusted colleague or sharing a concern with partner agencies.

Historically, there have been some inadequate referrals for the following reasons.
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Here, the context may not have properly been explored, and so the concern is either unjustified, or not related to this particular safeguarding area.


A referral which is intentionally disruptive, or seeks to deliberately target an individual or group.


A referral where the facts presented are incorrect and, as a result, the concern is unjustified.

If you’d like to see colleagues assessing some referrals and explaining why they consider them to be misguided, malicious or misinformed, click here to watch a short video.

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