We make every effort to ensure this training is accessible across a variety of devices, platforms and browsers.

However, If you are experiencing any issues, please look through the list of common requests below to see if the answer to your difficulties is there.

I have not received the email with my log in details

If you register a profile on the training, the sending of the email is automated and therefore your operating system may be quarantining the email as procedure. Please check your spam or junk files or ask your IT services to confirm if they have blocked these emails.

I cannot print my completion certificate

Some browsers block the printing of PDFs online and the file must therefore be saved to your desktop or documents before any attempt to print.

I have lost my completion certificate

A record is kept of user completions for 6 months after the user first accesses the training course. If you need a copy of your certificate supplied please contact Prevent.Training@homeoffice.x.gsi.gov.uk and provide the name and email with which you registered when you first processed your certificate.

Please note: Each request has to be processed manually so this may take up to 20 working days.

If it has been over 6 months since you first accessed the course, in line with our Privacy Policy, your records will have been automatically deleted and so you will need to re-sit the training to process a new certificate of completion.

The videos are not playing

The videos start on a black screen, so it may be that they are just taking a moment to load/buffer.

Alternatively, there could be a block on vimeo feeding videos through your firewall, in which case you will need to ask your IT contact to white-list that site: www.vimeo.com

It’s perfectly safe, just the service we use for streaming videos.

I can see the video still image but it’s not playing

The videos are set to play automatically however some browsers (including Google Chrome) will not allow video content to play this way.

Please either click/tap on the video still image to start playing, or hit the play button at the bottom left of the video screen.

I can’t see the CONTINUE button

The Continue button should always be bottom right on screen.

This training package is responsive to your screen size so it may be that you have your browser window set smaller than their device screen and the image therefore compresses to fit and covers the continue button.

Try maximising the viewing size of your browser window.

If this does not work, please refresh the page.

Alternatively, there are occasions where the Continue button does not appear immediately, to ensure users are taking time to read and digest the content on screen. Please refresh and wait to see if the screen animates to a new window automatically, or the Continue button appears.

I want to be able to see if staff have completed the training

Users can chose to be issued with a completion certificate at the end of the training package which will prove their progression through the course.

However we also offer access to an online portal whereby approved representatives of an organisation can register and then track progress of staff providing:

  • Staff are made aware that their sessions are being recorded and agree to this before they take part in the training.
  • Staff register with an organisational specific email address e.g. NOT gmail.com etc.

You can register for this now, however please note the decision on whether you will be allowed a profile to monitor staff completions will be approved by committee and may take up to 10 working days.

Registration: https://www.elearning.prevent.homeoffice.gov.uk/portal

I cannot get the package to work after the Welcome screen

On the Welcome Screen, some background animation is set to play. If your browser cannot display that, the system is set to default to a basic package (same content, no animation). In this instance, it may be that the automated process has failed to start.

Please try to access the package again this link: https://www.elearning.prevent.homeoffice.gov.uk/b/

When users try to processes a completion certificate from the same device, it always saves the name of the first user.

In this case, the device is “remembering” the first user and overriding any other input made.

To avoid this in the future, please ensure that you clear the device’s history and cache (where the device is storing the user data locally from the previous session). If you “clear history” in your internet browser the package will be able to produce certificates with the correct user data for each session.