We make every effort to ensure this training is accessible across a variety of devices, platforms and browsers. However, if you are experiencing any issues, please refer to the list of common requests below.

I cannot print/find my completion certificate

The Home Office is unable to support the retrieval, printing or reissuing of completion certificates. When processing completion certificates, the application will save a PDF copy of your certificate to the device you are using. As many browsers block the printing of PDFs online, the file must be saved before attempting to print.

Once the PDF is saved, locate it in your Downloads folder (or by typing “certificate” in a document search) and you should be able to print it from there. If you cannot, please forward the PDF onto a friend or colleague for printing if it is necessary for you to have a hard copy. The Home Office encourages the retention of the electronic file as proof of completion to minimise material waste.

In the event of a lost certificate the user will need to re-complete the course. Prior to resitting the training, all internet history or cache pertaining to the last session should be deleted from the device being used to access the training.

The videos are not playing

The videos start on a black screen, so it may be that they are just taking a moment to load/buffer. Please either click/tap on the video still image to start playing. If this does not work, we recommend that you refresh your browser session. Alternatively, please try and access the training using a different browse or device.

When and how often should an organisation complete the training

The Home Office does not mandate when and how often training should be taken. Each organisation should undertake their own risk assessment to determine the frequency of training for their staff.

I want to be able to see if staff have completed the training

Users can choose to be issued with a completion certificate (and unique reference number) at the end of the training package which will prove their progression through the course.

(Health; Police; and Prison and Probation Services can access the) training via their nationwide E-Learning platforms, so, where possible, users from these sectors should complete the training on the relevant platform for their sessions to be kept on record.

If you need help finding these packages, please contact your local training supervisor or Prevent Lead.